Sunday, August 19, 2018

‘Supporting ambitious people to transition from “employee” to entrepreneurship and beyond ‘.

Are you looking for help to create a successful and sustainable business?
Do you want to make that shift from being a part time to full time entrepreneur?
Want to be part of a supportive and empowered community of like-minded individuals?

1 Less Stress Connect (1LSC) is an international community created to nurture, inspire and empower those who are looking to firstly create an IMPACTFUL business that actually WORKS (makes profit) and has the potential to GROW (leverage your time and finances to scale up) around full time employment, family and other commitments.

We help our clients to ensure that they firstly have a grounded and strong foundation in their respective businesses before they make that smooth transition from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship, whilst turning their passion into profits and developing sustainable and long-lasting businesses.

Our goal is to create results for our clients and empower them to be the best version of themselves going forward in life and in business.

Everything we teach our clients and our followers is based upon our four-part principle framework for success

  1. Lay The Right Foundations (do you have clear goals, know who your ideal client or ideal audience is, have clear structures in place, know the right systems:)
  2. Create A Scalable Working Model (do you have the robust systems in place to leverage your time and money so that the business does not solely rely on YOU?)
  3. Build Strategic Relationships (who is in your network adding value to what you do? do you have these different type of players in your network that can support your business model?
  4. Develop Your Entrepreneurship (success is 80% down to mindset and 20% down to skill, what are you doing to continually sharpen your mindset)

Here on this website, you will find expert advice, tips, interviews and practical tools alongside tons of free resources to help you along your journey.


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