There are just not enough hours in the day? As a part time entrepreneur and full time employee, we all know this phrase all too well. It is so frustrating as you really want to work on your business but you are often working long hours at work, come home late in the evening and then have to try and find time to work on your business.

Most entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibilities on their plate from day one of operation. Whether it be from marketing the brand, ensuring sales, dealing with finances or attending meetings can fall under a founder’s responsibilities. Juggling so many tasks can be daunting and lead to a lot of stress. Financial restraints can also prove quite challenging whilst trying to build up a business with a small start-out budget.

We have found some sure-set ways that you can adopt in order to become more efficient, productive and successful, take a look at the list of tools below.

  1. Hootsuite – the perfect social media scheduler

Hootsuite is a brilliant social media management platform and app, which lets you manage your social media channels by scheduling all posts in advance so you can easily prepare for the week ahead. You can also use it to delegate tasks with other users, making it a great option for a team platform. You can also view analytics, shorten links, create schedules and reshare messages that have already been shared before. This makes building up your brand and company on social media extremely easy.

We prefer using Hootsuite for our social media marketing compared to other platforms like Buffer as it is far bigger and is a more robust and support platform with more features and integrations and bigger analytics.

  1. Asana

Asana is a free project-management tool that allows teams to communicate without email, in one central location. Because many entrepreneurs work with virtual teams, this is a great tool to stay in touch.

  1. Diary Planner

You need to keep your house in order being a busy entrepreneur and a great tool that we have come up with to help you is our Strive and Thrive Daily Business Planner (undated). The planner simply acts as a self-coaching on-hand support system. It helps you to self-reflect and track you progress by compelling you to write down your thoughts, goals and actions. Packed with structured todo-lists, inspirational quotes and other exciting tools, this is truly a purposeful stationery.


  1. Google Drive

Most people already know about this tool. It is such an amazing cloud storage and document management tool without a doubt. It also provides a great way to collaborate and share documents amongst your team as well as with clients. Google Drive can also be used with a large number of apps which adds to its usefulness. Check out some very useful apps that you can use to help you become more efficient in your business.


  1. Natural Reader

This app is brilliant. It is a free text to speech converter application that helps you to convert MS Word documents, news, blog posts, e—books and PDF files into spoken words (audio files). How fab is that? This allows you to “read” any content that can help you with your business — including articles on productivity, sales and branding — on the go.

  1. Dropbox – Storage

Another perfect cloud-based productivity tool that I am sure all entrepreneurs love or know about. It is great for storing and syncing all your files and documents on different devices and computers. You can also share important files and folders with other people in your team or clients.  You get up to 2GB space for free and then can enter into paid plans for a fee, if you want more.

  1. Get Response – E-Marketing Tool

Get response is such a great tool that we use to assist us with our e-marketing demands. you can easily import an host a mailing list of email addresses, design HTML e-newsletters containing graphics, photos, branding which can be sent to your subscribers, can automate your emails via autoresponders and monitor statics related to your email marketing campaign.

  1. Meetup and Eventbrite

Looking to drum up business within your local community? We love connecting in Meetup to find networking groups, industry meetings and speakers. EventBrite is also a great place to find tickets to smaller, local events as well. Download both apps to your phone so that you can look for events to sign up to on the go and even create your own events to attract your ideal audience to.