Being a part-time entrepreneur is by no means easy. It can sometimes be exhausting and challenging trying to balance full time employment whilst trying to get your own business off the ground can be quite challenging at the best of times. Is there a way to keep on top of it all without going completely insane? I bet you often think to yourself, how can you possibly keep refreshed when working all day long from the office to meetings to networking? Well, there is one remedy that we can recommend to keep your mind balanced and your body feeling refreshing whilst you are transitioning and beyond even.

Being fit is key. Adopt a fitness schedule as a priority. With already so much on your plate, we bet you are thinking “how the hell can I also squeeze in having a fitness schedule”. You do not need to adopt an extreme fitness regime like you would if you were in the army. Oh no, keep it simple and keep it light if you have to. However, you must keep it consistent too. Anything from light stretches, to yoga to full on running in the early mornings or evenings will help.

Staying fit and healthy will help clear and refresh your mind.

Ever wondered how to?

  • Increase focus?

We recommend between 30 – 60 minutes of exercise to help increase your focus when it comes to settling down and doing activities within your business.  Incorporating exercise in your schedule early in a day is a very big bonus.

  • Brighten up my mood?

For most of us there is no avoiding the social side of business. Researching, content writing, sales pitches, marketing strategy and product and service launching all probably all part of our business activity schedules. Wearing so many hats in your business and doing all these necessary activities can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed or in a low mood. Don’t miss out on any of the valuable opportunities because of a bad mood. Research has shown that certain type of work outs release endorphins feel good hormones that are increased following sufficient intensity and duration. This coupled with the happiness boost got from listening to a good audio or upbeat music is sure to get your day off to a great start and keep your positive vibe up the whole day…!

  • Ensure that you have a good day?

We urge you to not just stand around waiting, wishing, dreaming and hoping for a better day. Seek out a good day by practicing positive actions. Being proactive usually involves making changes or decisions in your life that make your life better. Try to be more indulgent and less resistive. Apply yourself positively to every task and think of it as a challenge that you are happy to overcome or as a step to get closer to your end goals.

  • Feed my positivity?

Positive thinking helps build self-confidence. This in turn will enhance your quality of life and how well you perform in your business. You can feed your positivity by starting habits that only have room for positive thinking. Activities such as meditation, yoga, blogging or spending time with positive people can help you learn how to embrace positive thinking.


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