Our Entrepreneur Diaries| Biggest Business lessons learned in 2016

So the entrepreneur journey is a hard one, that we all know in any one day you can experience 10 emotions all within an hour similar to the UK weather really. This rollercoaster of emotions is caused from going through euphoria, challenges and mistakes through your business journey. It is important to review where our business did well but more important to learn from the mistakes to move you forward.

Looking over 2016 our business evolved greatly and we moved towards our greatest passion helping other entrepreneurs in the same position as us build and grow businesses.

Lesson 1| Drop the baggage

As they say energy flows where focus goes, and what we realised is our focus was on to many things which resulted in our energy, focus, and time being pulled in multiple directions. This meant we could not give our undivided attention at any one time.

Big Fat Lesson learned| Drop what does not serve you and concentrate on a few goals and few projects at any one time, master it then move on, this will benefit YOU and your business and clients  in the long run

Lesson 2|  Consistency

Is the magic word that crops up time and time again but is truly the secret sauce. Its really all you need to see the compound effect get to work. The early part of the year saw less consistency probably due to be so frazzled with so many things on the go, no routine meant no CONSISTENCY which ultimately reflected in our business. Getting back into my success routine daily with a sprinkle of commitment saw our business grow and milestones achieved. Once your in momentum you really cant beat the feeling. A quick tip that helped with this was joining mastermind and Facebook groups. keep yourself surrounded with others who have their own success daily habit’s its a game changer I promise

Big Fat Lesson learned| Get in a daily routine and stick to it, find rewards to treat yourself along the way.Be present in the company of others always who have success habits

Lesson 3 Not Serving everyone

 2016 is when we really drilled down on our niche clients through the help of coaches and mentors, not only did this give our business structure and clarity everything else also fell into place.

Big Fat Lesson learned| Drill down your audience and enlist a coach or mentor no matter where you are in your journey you will get there a lot faster

2016 taught us many lessons and making mistakes is what helps you grow, if your not growing to put it bluntly you are dying. Looking forward to failing forward many more times this year and bringing value to our clients lives and dreams.


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