Big visions? CHECK!

A thirst or desire to want more but yet have a very very small budget? Yes Yes CHECK. CHECK!

Yep, that was us three years ago. We were inspired and we just wanted to take this positive feeling and create something BIG from it. However, we had no clue what that something BIG was before the 15 July 2013…..

Our Eureka Moment – How it all clicked.

When Grace and I looked at each other after a motivational and positively exhilarating personal development conference in Central London back in July 2013, we both immediately yelped in unison “lets do it”! That was it for us – that was effectively the start of a new beginning for us. We as best friends were going to go in business together. Little did we know all that we had coming………

So on the 15th July 2013, our business partnership began and we started our 1 Less Stress business – a bespoke events management company. From that day we sat down and started to push ourselves and steadily started to see the stream of interest leading to client jobs trickle through until the point of overwhelming demand. It was good to be in demand? Right?

However, business demand does not come without its challenges. Oh no!

We can whole-heartedly say that the events management business has and still is great to us offering us an abundance in lessons learnt, each time we secure a new client contract. That’s the joy of starting a new business – learning from your lessons or mistakes, which I am sure many of you reading this now can most probably relate too.

So that now leads me on to the question I can just hear you asking as you read this…… what is the story of how 1 Less Stress has evolved to 1 Less Connect?. Well the concept has been there for a few years now. When we started out in our events management business, we soon became desperate for good and trusted referral networks which we needed because our business was expanding and we needed to subcontract some of our jobs so that we did not miss out on good opportunities.

Long-story short we needed to quickly build up a network of trusted referrals but had no idea where to look. We needed suppliers who had constant focus and were accountable but we also realised that there were many others out there who must be in the same position, 1) building a business around employment and 2) needing a focused stream of services to keep them on track to build a business of their dreams.

That’s how 1 Less Stress Connect was borne as we know exactly where our clients have been and how we can help them avoid making the mistakes and create businesses that work our true passion.

We have decided to write about our journey – every-step of the way, our ups and downs, and let you in to our lifestyle my days of running business and being a mum and what Grace’s Fempreneur life looks like.

So stay tuned for lots more as we share in our entrepreneur dairies.

‘She decided to live the life she loved so she did’



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