Often as entrepreneurs we can feel so overwhelmed, inadequate and frustrated with all the things we need to do to grow our business. It is a feeling I have experienced many times including this week and is a natural part of the entrepreneur journey.

Most of us have started a business that we are passionate about and want it to work soooo bad, the fear of failure can be so hard especially when you are a perfectionist.

In today’s newsletter I am going to share simple ways and tools to create comfort in uncertain times.

  1. Why?
    Reconnect with your why! Why is it important to overcome this feeling and get the job at hand done? Why did you decide to start your business in the first place? What was your purpose for starting your business?
  2. Take time out 
    Do something that brings you joy. You are not going to fail in your business, if you take an hour out to watch a film or catch up with a friend over coffee. Your business needs the BEST YOU and the BEST YOUis a happy joyous you. So when you are having a bad morning take that time out. A good tip is to create a “happy” jar. Write activities items things people  that make you happy and put it all in a jar, when your having one of those days and can’t even think what makes you happy, pick up a note from your happy jar and go see the person or do the activity.3. Reality checks
    Sometimes you have to step back and look at the problem with a balanced head on….. hard to do I know minus the emotion. It is at that point that you often realise that the problem is not as big as you think it is and that you may actually have the problem in hand. Remind yourself of all the obstacles that you have overcome so far.

    4. Structure
    Planning planning planning! I can’t emphasis how important this is. When you have a plan, you in actual fact have a road map to follow and should be referring back to it at anytime so that you are not solely reliant on everything that’s in your head. Taking time out each day (preferably twice a day) to plan ahead activities or goals for tomorrow or next week will keep you consistently focused and calm. A great planner will help you achieve this and our Strive and Thrive Daily Business Planner has been designed to assist you to form great daily habits and provides you with a place to track your journey you can purchase one here.

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