As business owners it is amazing the wealth of knowledge you pick up along the way without actually realising that you have become an ‘expert’. All too often it is hard to realise just how valuable your knowledge could be to someone else. This only became apparent to me recently after a coffee with a friend and I found that I was advising her on the best type of marketing funnels. As she was busily taking down notes that is when it hit me, just how valuable the skills I have picked up whilst in business are to others and how sharing knowledge learned can sometimes be the key to others growth, assisting in avoiding huge costly mistakes.

I started to imagine what would life be like if we walked around with post-it notes, saying to the world I want help with ‘web design’ and in return I can offer advice on photography, I mean how great would that be. To me, this would make things so much easier and work in sync with the laws of attraction as they say help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want…

When taking a look at the word ‘Skills’ – it is such a broad term. We all have a gift of skills we could share and help someone in the process, it’s often a case of needing to identify them. Our ethos at 1 Less Stress Connect is to provide as many platforms for entrepreneurs to connect create and collaborate with lasting business relationships. Exchanging skills for skills is such a valuable fair exchange and can often eliminate barriers for entrepreneurs to access help using a currency of time not money.

Putting all this into practice we have developed an interactive platform which allows entrepreneurs exchange skills for skills with time being the currency. Launched in November 2016, the Skills Swap workshop is designated for inspired entrepreneurs. Now, it is time for you to join the initiative. Check out of events page for the next workshop location HERE.

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