Balancing full time employment around trying to make your business work in the background is by no means no easy feat. 

To be open and honest, I often feel so tired and drained after a hard day’s work and just want to race home to snuggle up in bed. I would often push the thought of working on my business to the back of mind.

Like many of you out there reading this, we know that we are hard working. We are! So pat yourself on the back. Seriously do it. Unlike most other people that we work with in our full time employment, we are the ones who are coming home to work on our business and often find that we are working until the early hours just to ensure that we stay on track with our business. The last thing we want to do is lose momentum when the ultimate dream is to go full time in the business.

During these challenging times, we need to stay positive as deep down in our hearts, we know that those long hours and commitment to the cause can bring great rewards but they can also become the be all and end all of everything. If you are not finding great ways to reap those rewards and do something for you, then the chances are your work life balance is a little out of mare.

One of the hardest part of running your own business is building the discipline to actually focus on projects that matter.

I want to give my 5 top steps on how you can free up YOUR time so you can focus on projects that will give you better returns.

#1. Every workshop should have an agenda and an agenda keeper

Have workshops not meetings. Workshops are supercharged and invite other people’s views rather than just acting as an ‘information-giving’ platform. Workshops tend to run wild sometimes, especially with creative people. The best way to avoid this is to adopt the role of an agenda keeper: you have to really fall into character and try and veto unnecessary conversations so that you refrain the workshop from getting sidetracked too much.

#2. Value-rank your ideas

This is a very important tool as you need get your ideas into order. We find brain dumping ideas is a good way to start. Get some post-it notes and write your ideas on each. Then the fun bit can begin to order those ideas on a scale of 1 – 10 where 10 signifies the idea that holds the most importance and can probably get you closer to earning some real-money and serious cash-flow into your business. That’s the ultimate aim right?

#3. Consider hiring or outsourcing certain tasks

This might not be for everybody. But for those of you who are bogged down with a lot of repetitive work, you might be losing valuable company time that you can instead invest in more strategic matters.

What you’ll find is that you can hire somebody to take a lot of your manual work and you can focus on generating more income for the company. There are many websites that you can find freelancers like UpWork and PeoplePerHour.

#4. Time Yourself & create real deadlines

This is not about time-logging, but instead about setting goals you have to reach.

We are preparing for our first live webinar and are so excited. On a live webinar we will demonstrate a new product to our existing customers. Most webinars work by the webinar hosts agreeing on a live webinar date and start inviting customers to that webinar BEFORE the product is even finished most times.

The closer that webinar date approaches, the more everything else which isn’t relevant fades out.

You have no other choice! People have been invited and you’d risk your own reputation if you don’t reach it. That’s how we’ve continually pushed ourselves & in my opinion this has been one of the most important keys to our success.

#5. Free up your time by automating certain areas of your business

We used do a lot of manual tasks that take hours every week. One of them is tracking some performance of our products. However, now we have built in automated systems in our website which has these key functions to keep tabs on all our products and the analytics behind it to give us more informed insights which will help steer future projects or new releases.


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