Ever thought about attending our Skills Swap Workshop? But unsure whether it is worth it? Ever asked yourself “Why should I attend?

Well as you may have guessed by now our sole aim  is to help entrepreneurs build businesses that work. Most of our clientele are building businesses around full time employment and often factors such as having low budget, minimal expertise and small networks prove to be a recurring issue, hence the creation of our skills swap workshop.

We hold monthly workshops created for those who want to swap skills for skills and enable growth in knowledge without money always acting as a barrier. The workshops are interactive and fun, breaking the mould of the stuffy nature that other business events sometimes have.

The workshop is perfect for those who are;

  • Wanting to gain expertise and advice from another in an informal way
  • Those who wish to share their knowledge and give value to others
  • Those that want to network and build connections in the non-traditional way
  • Those who are curious how a skills swap workshop works

The Skills Swap workshops also serves as your official welcome into the “Connect” family which we endearingly refer to you as ‘Connectors’. 1 Less Stress Connect is an on and offline international platform for you to connect create and collaborate with other likeminded individuals.

So for those of you who are still a tad sceptical, and on the fence as to whether or not you should purchase your tickets to our forthcoming workshops; here are five reaso why you should take advantage of these workshops with benefits:

  1. Gain important knowledge  to meet your growth goals

Being able to handpick knowledge and expertise in one room is an invaluable experience and can be of huge value to the goals you are trying to achieve

  1. Networking with like-minded people

As great as online networking is, it does not beat making face to face interactions and connections. These events enable you with the opportunity to mix and mingle with everyone in the room in our speed networking section. Here you may just find your next customer. There is something quite amazing knowing you are in a room with others who want to learn like you

  1. Sharpen your skills

Our skills are strengthened the more we teach, which is what you do when you arrange to swap your skill in order to gain some skills from someone in another field.

4.Sparking Inspiration

Being an inspirational atmosphere and interacting with creatives is always sure to spark new ideas worth their weight in gold. A benefit of attending any live event.

5.Have fun

Events and in particular our events are a great opportunity to have fun. Business can be certainly mixed with pleasure.

There you have it – our 5 reasons why our skills swap workshop may just be for you.

For our next event date check here:

  1. What was the last conference, seminar or event you attended?
  2. What did you gain from attending it?


If you would like to book a complementary 30 minute power call to discuss were you are in your business and receive some quick win strategies you can implement straight away then book a call here:  http://1lessstressconnect.co.uk/power-call/