“YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE” A term that gets thrown around so much but in essence what does it actually mean?….. This blog will explore its meaning, why it should be part of your business strategy and how you can actually start to attract your tribe.

What is your vibe?

So everything and EVERYONE omits is energy. The energy that we omit is usually based on our thoughts, feelings and values. It is important that we always remain our authentic selves and never pretend to be something we are not. Attracting our tribe through intentionally putting out a great vibe is also referred to as vibrational marketing.

To put it this way, have you ever been at a party or live event and someone walked in and literally lit up the room and instantly had people gravitating towards them. Well that is a truly visible vibe. So what does your vibe say about you? Do you omit positivity and get up and go attitude? Or are you negative, and in a forever defeated mode? The way that we present ourselves personally and professionally impacts who we attract into our lives so do pay careful attention to what you are giving out to the world and how they may be perceiving you.

So lets look at your vibe in a bit more detail;

– What does your status say about you?

– What do you talk about?

-How do you conduct your business?

-What does your wardrobe say about you?

-What does your content marketing portray?

-Your profile descriptions?

-How much do you share or give?

-Do you smile?

Why you need a tribe?

One of the key points in our business success framework is having a scaleable business and to do this you need to have your very own growing community of ‘tribe’ people who actually ‘get you.  A community that has the same goals/aspirations, ethics, values, characteristic as you. This is the foundation and worth spending time and effort when attracting your tribe either through an email list, social media or more ideally a specific Facebook group.

A big takeaway is always be your fabulous self and don’t try to be anyone else. You won’t be able to keep it up and its simply not necessary, this is a trap many fall into and a facade you cant keep up with. So we have really been focusing on our tribe of whom we endearingly call ‘connectors’. To get really clear on who what your ideal tribe will look like, we created a manifesto detailing the qualities of our tribe almost describing our perfect connector. This is a great place to start if you are still a bit stuck on who your tribe will be.


 How to find your tribe?

So work out exactly what you stand for, what are the qualities you have? what is your area of interest? or your ideal clients area of interest? Done that? Great! Next step get trawling online for groups perfect for your vibe. Facebook is the easiest place to start simply type in the search bar and you will see a ton of great groups come up. Start adding yourself, once accepted as many are closed the key next step is to introduce yourself. You will never attract your tribe by sitting in the virtual corner being invisible. Say something quirky add a picture and say hey.

You can do exactly the same with finding your tribe in person start attending networking groups of interest, networking groups where your ideal clients will be, networking groups where they explore interests you hold of value. A great place to start is Meetup so go get searching.

Do the above right and you will have the right people around you, think how how much easier life will be with a tribe who understand you, value your personality and your unique gifts you have to offer, worth doing properly right!

We recently spoke with International Network-Marketing Arbonne superstar Stuart Armfield who has a international business on how he attracted his vibe worldwide and is now living a life of financial freedom. check out his interview here. If you would like to join our awesome tribe of go getters then click here

Share your tips for attracting your tribe we would love to know below.