There are times in life you have to be brave, do the unconventional thing & make big decisions. Don’t save all your Savyness for the boardroom- remember your personal life needs just as much focus.

The life of the business owner can be consumed with marketing, accounts, dealing with customer queries and never ending ‘to do lists’ I recommend taking some time out to experience a solo trip to truly refuel.

Yes I said it “solo”! On your own, no friends, partner or kids. Just imagine trekking through a luscious jungle or hibernating in a cosy cottage by some lake. I dedicated 2017 to being the year to do it all, push the boundaries and immerse myself in person development. So I booked a week off, flew to Bali for my birthday and didn’t invite another soul. Much to the worry and intrigue of family and friends I visited the island of the God’s, leaving a stormy and frosty London behind.

Spending time by myself uninterrupted with no one to please and my own schedule to enjoy was one of the best decisions I could ever make. It allowed the creative juices to flow as I enjoyed yoga, swimming, long walks, waterfalls and hill hikes across a backdrop of a beautiful and spiritual island. The air was humid, food fresh and my body and mind energised to new heights.

Of course you may not be able to take 1 week+ off but how about a weekend away in England or out of the City/Town you live too a place you’ve always wanted to visit to allow yourself to get over fatigue stress anxiety and bring you a refreshes perspective on what to do next.

Try new things this year- have a walking meeting in the park for instance so you’re not always desk/laptop bound & develop your interests. I guarantee making you happy & healthy is the biggest and best investment you will ever make and people will be drawn to you like a magnet. Wouldn’t you want to do business with someone interesting and full of life rather than overworked and drained?

Fly solo my fellow entrepreneurs- your body and business will thank you for it- I promise. πŸ˜†

Author:Β Nadine Barrett


Instagram: @nadinebarrett