The sad reality is that sometimes when you are so close to your business, living and breathing it day in day out, it is so easy to lose ourselves and we can actually become a slave to our business. What is the point of that? Is this not the same feeling you feel whilst working in your 9 – 5.

It can be hard to get excited when, what should be the joy of operating your business gets turned into just another day at the office. Whether your numbers are up or down, your business is going through growing pains or you are feeling the sting of a client deal that went wrong –  it’s important to hold on to the things that influenced your future career choice in the first place. Why do you do what you do?

Let’s get started then…..ready?

Ignite the romance again.

A relationship with your business can be similar to being on boat out at sea. There are times when the sea is as calm as can be and things are going well until….the storm hits and thrashes huge waves at your little boat, almost knocking you right of your boat into the ferocious sea.

When those waves come in, that’s when you start feeling emotionally drained. However, to be not only successful, but also be fulfilled in the business we do, it is important that we keep the romance going. For most already in a business, you need to reconnect with the day when you felt the butterflies when approaching your first clients? For those just starting out, connect back to when you created your business sound idea and how thrilled you felt that you were truly onto a winning idea.

Seeing how far you’ve come can be a remarkable feeling. Some things have become easier, more fluid while others still seem to get you tripped up. Maybe you’re still not the best at handling criticism or perhaps paying out all the outgoing bills still makes you sweat at the end of the month. It sounds cheesy, but always focus on the positives in your life as that will be the driver to get you through and over this slight hump in your business journey.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

How grateful are you for your business? Sometimes, we can forget to be thankful for what and who we have around us. Even when we don’t feel we are in the most “giving” mood, we must always try to say thank you to the people around us who help to make our business just that bit easier.

We challenge you to wake up in the morning with a mindset that says, “Today, I will be grateful for EVERYTHING.” Believe it or not, this is a choice that you can make. Only you can dictate how you spend your day. And why would you want to waste it feeling unsatisfied and frustrated?  Reconvert all your energy into pure positive energy and sit back and watch the magic!

Anchor yourself and have fun.

Sure, life or business can get a bit crazy both in a good or bad way. But, making sure that your heart is firmly anchored to the right things is the only way you can survive the storms that life may throw at you.

What matters to you most? Who matters to you? Keep these things and especially these people close to you. Because, no matter how far off course you feel like you’ve gone over the years, you can always rely on them to pull you back on track.

And lastly, please please please have FUN. We strongly believe that all work and no play is just darn right dull. This weekend, we were out with the girls and enjoyed a lovely healthy dose of afternoon tea catch up with them at Livia’s Kitchen, catching up on life with all its fruitful trimmings.

Livia’s Kitchen, founded by the very youthful Olivia Wollenburg is a must-visit in London. Olivia has set up a fantastic business model, which allows you to enjoy an afternoon of networking and trying our her healthy treats in the good company of others. Her business is going from strength to strength and her recipes can be found in reputable retailers such as Selfridges and Waitrose, to name a few. We most definitely encourage a visit to Livia’s Kitchen or to check out some of her popular recipes in store.

Our visit to Livia’s Kitchen left us beaming from ear to ear. It’s always nice to take some rewarding time out to enjoy new and refreshing experiences amongst a close group of friends. We know lots of business owners who tell us that they simply do not have time to socialise or have forgotten what it is like to have you. Don’t let that be you.

We absolutely love our girly days.

Stay passionate and fall in love with your business again Connectors. Let us know what your WHY is? Comment below.



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