We recently launched a poll in our private Facebook group with our Connectors to gauge what areas most people were struggling with. A lot of the responses that did come back from the poll, rated BRANDING as their number one challenge. So over the course of the week – we posted top tips to help and support those struggling overcome this challenge and start to explore ways and new ideas to apply to their business, in the bid to help strengthen their brand.

We have collated the 5 top tips into this blog post for you to view and on Monday 20th March 2017, we will be launching our 5 Day Branding Challenge in our private Facebook Group (Connect Members’ Club: Part Time to Full Time Entrepreneur and Beyond). To get involved – join us here.

Now over to the tips….

Tip #1 Branding your business (back to basics)
Having strong branding colours can really help hone in on what your brand represents and help potential clients spot your brand quickly and easy.

Choosing your branding colours and themes can often be assisted by using tools such as Pinterest to create a mood board. Pick the colours and images you want your brand to represent which will help you convey a clear identity.
You can use the below tool if you are just starting out or re-branding to assist with colours that complement each other.


BONUS TIP: Also Remember colours have meanings and convey feelings so keep this in mind when choosing your colours. Our 1LSC brand colours are;

  1. White = Simplicity and trustworthiness
  2. Blue =Trustworthiness,dependable and secure
  3. Pink= Energy , youthfulness and excitement.

You can find out more about the meanings of colours here.


What do your brand colours mean?

Tip #2: Be clear on your brand identity.

What does your brand stand for? If your brand were a person what values, qualities beliefs would your brand have? How does your brand speak?

Being clear on this will allow you brand to be clearly identified amongst all the other noise in the busy marketplace.

BONUS TIP –  what we did in the early stages of our business was create a manifesto that encompasses our values and that of our community /clients and elements of our personality.

Just look around this website and you will start to see signs of our character, our speech, our voice, our tone, our values coming out in every post that we do….the way we structure and present things

So what is your brand identity?

Tip #3 Be Authentic!

Now in all your branding it is so important that you remain authentic and consistently authentic at that.

This is especially important if you are building a service based business as people buy into people not companies.

So be true to yourself,and show the person behind the business.

Remember YOU are enough and your tribe are waiting for you to show up.


Tip #4 What does your brand stand for?

It is so important to be able to capture what your brand stands for in a few simple words. Getting this message clear is a great way for customers to gain an idea of the experience they will gain with your brand.

For instance, 1 Less Stress Connect has a #ConnectCreateCollaborate and this encompasses what we stand for providing platforms for entrepreneurs to connect, create amazing relationships and collaborate with each other.

Simply because we believe strong networks is the key to business success.

Tip #5 ALWAYS ALWAYS add value for your customers.

You need to go beyond the basics of providing your products or services to your customers. To win their hearts, you need to position yourself and your brand to give them something more – thus adding value to their lives, and it also builds your relationship along with your brand. I

Provide your customers with additional useful information via your website, blog posts or e-newsletters as this is such a great way to go above-and-beyond for your existing and potential readers.

To identify what’s important to your readers, take time to do some research into who they are, what matters to them, and what led them to you instead of to your competitors.

Pay attention to which blog posts get the most comments, and the nature of the comments – do readers want more info on a certain product?

Use these comments to create new blog posts that answer your readers’ questions and concerns in innovative ways. That’s exactly what we do.

Remember that branding your business extends to every customer interaction, online, in print and also in face-to-face communication.