Hey, Charlotte here.

I often get asked all the time who or what is it that has had the greatest impact in my life when it comes to growing an impactful business to date?

The single and most powerful response for me is my very first mentor.

So about 10 years ago, I opened up my first business which was a Caribbean restaurant in the leafy suburbs of West London. At the time, I was a fresh faced graduate from university with little business experience and most certainly did not have any great beliefs about myself and my abilities.

When starting out I knew the business journey that I was about to embark upon was bigger than me. After all you don’t know what you don’t know right?.

I was lost admittedly. The opportunity had landed on my lap but  I need someone on hand to help me drive it forward. I knew I needed help, support, assistance in whatever shape or form.

So I did what all good graduates knows best. I started to research. That was the best bit of decisive action that I knew to take. I researched on the internet to find business support or programmes locally and came across a business support programme which was quite conveniently located close by. I was so blessed to be assigned to the most wonderful woman who made the biggest impact on me personally and professionally.

This was my first introduction to the power of a mentor. She saw the bigger picture of my business helped me implement strategies that made the business sustainable and believed in me when I did not believe in myself.

She left me with lessons and knowledge that served me long after we parted ways.

Years later this is what both Grace and I now do for others and it gives us the greatest pleasure the part of other entrepreneur’s journeys helping them create success full business with impact in total alignment with the person they are.

The power of a mentor is so strong, one of our clients came to us less than three months ago, she had so many ideas but no business in place. She now has a solid structure in place, a diverse product suit and her first few customers. The growth has been enormous and this is the power of what a mentor can do for your business.

I love coaches and in the last year I have spent thousands of pounds on coaching and it really has changed my life and the lives of my clients.

If your ready to make this year different and want us to mentor you then let’s make it happen.


Cheers to your ONGOING continued success.