Just like success does not happen overnight, the same applies to relationships.

In the beginning, we got it WRONG!

Our first business partnership in 2013, 1 Less Stress a bespoke events management was a real eye opener for us.

Business started off good. YES, we were attracting clients through word of mouth of recommendations and were gaining those nicely paid contracts


Happy days’ right?


Before long, we soon discovered that we had made one fundamental mistake.

We had no strategy in place for building long lasting relationships with our clients and because of this very fact – business started to slow down.

From all that hype of beginner’s luck when we started out, we had now reached a point where we were now frantically searching for ways to attract more new clients to us as well as deepen the relationship with existing clients to ensure that they kept on coming back over and over again.

 Yes, we hold our hands up to it. We had no real relationship building strategy AT ALL.

 But we have no regrets.  We are just happy that now we are getting it RIGHT and can teach others how to get it RIGHT too.

 True success in business is not just about gaining clients.


 We know, we know it sounds mad, right?!?!

Do not get us wrong, clients are important in business. As without clients, then we have no business…BUT

 Ahead of getting clients, focus should be on building long lasting relationships.

 If your strategy is the other way around, then you will struggle in business.

 The key to success in 2018 is to build a super- nurtured following. 

A tribe of raving fans – people that get YOU, get what YOU DO and will promote the ‘ish out of you. Your very own cheerleaders.

The best investment that you can make in 2018 in business and for your future is to spend time and build relationships that GO DEEP.

If you are still reading this, you are probably STILL here for at least one of the following reasons:

  • You currently have little to no strong connections in your network,
  • You are struggling with your current strategy to magnetise the right people into your network and into your inner circle,
  • You want to grow your own personal brand but you are not sure how to do so or even how to convey this to your audience and you want to build genuine connections with people in a real, authentic way,
  • You are tired of coming up short every month, not even being anywhere close to your income target goal,
  • You struggle with networking on social media and are fearful of coming off too ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’ and turning people off to you
  • You want to strike that balance of building golden connections both offline and online.

We hear you and we felt the same!

Which is WHY…

We are launching our all new AMP UP YOUR BIZ REFERRAL NETWORK

This will be an ongoing monthly series, taking place EVERY LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH (LAUNCH: SATURDAY 31ST MARCH 2018, 11AM – 1PM)

This is an exclusive membership network, where we meet for brunch on a monthly basis with the sole aim of growing your business.

This “golden circle” network will allow you to have a platform to form strong alliances and have an inbuilt base of referrals and promoters.

How we keep the membership network exclusive is by ensuring that there is ONE representative from each industry – thus instantly making you the go-to person of authority in your industry.


A business withOUT any leads is just a hobby.

If you are serious about growing your business and network then this is the event for you.


This monthly brunch networking event will be based in Hammersmith, West London.

To find out further details or to book your spot on this monthly networking event series, you can book now.