We all know if we want a thriving business then social media must be a key part of our businesses growth strategies, the numbers of users are just too big to be ignored now you do  not need to be everywhere, what you do need to be is CLEAR where your audience hangs out, and be CLEAR on the type of ROI (return on investment) you are expecting.

A few  more things to think about after you have nailed the platforms you want to be visible on is having killer content that provides value and relevance which intently considers the stages of your buyers journey.

Now the thing is with so many platforms it is easy to get overwhelmed, give into procrastination and simply stay stuck. Overwhelm only comes when we can’t see the wood from the trees, having worked with a number of businesses the question always comes up what platforms should I be present on?

Tough one right….

So the thing is we do not advise you to be everywhere and anywhere to start with unless you have a social media team or manger to assist, we believe you should pick a few platforms, dominate and master them and move on to the next. This post breakdowns the main social media platforms so you can determine if its a yah or nah for your business.


We will start with big one first and one of our personal favorites Facebook. Benefits of this platform is that the audience range is very wide, your guaranteed to find your ideal customer on this platform why? Because everyone and their grandma is on this platform, It is estimated to have 2.2 billion users. A mixture of content works great here in particular live streaming. If building a community around your company cultures is top of the list this is a great platform to so. Organic reach is a lot harder to now attain on this platform however advantages are it is a great place to showcase social proof. This is the platform to showcase your brands personality.


This platform is mainly used on mobile devices, and is a very visual platform, aesthetics is the key here. With a recorded 800 million active users and growing it is one to be considered. This is a photo sharing network, you can build great brand awareness and brand association on this platform. You can build large audiences on this platform and if done correctly really monetize here.  #Hashtags are key for larger reach at the moment is not advisable to use more than 15 due to algorithm changes. The introduction of stories and lives allows you to convey your brands personality.  You are limited to the amount of call to action links you can use on the platform however Linktr.ee can help with this. For best results we recommended you post 2/3 times a day


Again another great visual platform. An active monthly user profile of 175 million users, largely attributed to an female audience 81% in fact, so if you have a female oriented product this might be the platform for you. Pinterest is massive for driving traffic and helping businesses with SEO. Some great business case studies have come from the use of Pinterest.


So this is a professional networking platform. Great thing is users are ready for business, this is a great platform if you are offering business to business services. With the premium services available you can really implement lead generation strategies due to the filtering available. The platform is great for recruitment and allows you to showcase your credentials, think online resume or curriculum vitae as we say here in the UK. The Key to success on this platform is to grow your networks and connections the more the better. People often shy away from the platform however it has massive lead generation capabilities. You have the ability to post and share your articles to showcase your authority on the platform.


Twitter at last count had an active 330 million users. The platform has a high male usage perfect if you are targeting males. You are limited to 280 characters per post. The great thing about the platform is you can get real time responses. The status quo is to post multiple times a day unlike some of the other platforms. Twitter itself states 80 percent of its users are ‘affluent millennial’. It is one of the platforms you can actually gain the closest access to celebrities and receive a response.


You Tube

Now YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine. It is great platform to be present on for lead generation. Content is consumed on this platform via video. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day, crazy right! YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day you can monetize on the channel once you have grown your subscriber numbers to a minimum at present this is 1000. You-Tubers also have the ability to do live streaming over on the platform

Snap Chat

This platform has a much younger demographic, it has an average 3000+ million users. The majority of Snap Chat users are under 34, with a large amount of users between the age of 18 – 24, perfect if you have a product or service targeted at this demographic. Snap Chats main features are the stories and filters.

Now you have a clearer idea on some of the main platforms, obviously I have not listed them all otherwise you would still be reading. So all that is left to say is Time to get social! If you find you still need a little assistance with your social media management, or are simply just not sure on your next steps then book in a complimentary consultation call here with us now.