Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest barriers we faced when building our business in the early days alongside our demanding corporate jobs was always TIME.

Even through our various transitions since 2013, time still remained as a key challenge that we wrestled with. However, we have now learnt how to master ourselves to better in order to be better aligned with time.

FACT: You cannot manage TIME. You can only manage YOURSELF around your TIME.

In nearly 100% of our new consultation calls with clients, the issue of time creeps up time and time again and again as a big barrier.

So as we evolved our business we made it our mission to build systems and seek out the best tools that could assist us and our clients when it comes to building scalable businesses that will be able to gift them back time.

So, if your business feels kind of chaotic at the moment, do not fret as we have put together a blog post of 20 of our best and most used tools every entrepreneur should have in their go-to tool box to help ease the load of the roller coaster journey that entrepreneurship brings with it.

1. So in today’s world having an online presence is a must and if you’re not leveraging Social Media then you should be. If your stuck on choosing your platforms and need a little help click HERE.

Anyway being present on social media is time consuming to say the least but using a scheduler can help greatly. We love and use HOOTSUITE, however BUFFER and MEET EDGAR are equally as great. If you are managing multiple platforms, you may need to upgrade to a paid platform on all of these.

2. Bringing cash into your business is the lifeblood, stay on top of your invoicing with WAVE is great for small businesses and free. We were introduced to the ace tool by our fab VA and have never looked back.

3. So you know you need to stay as an authority in your business and want to be updated with all that is going on but do not time to trawl through the internet. A must must must is subscribing to FEEDLY where you can pick the articles, subject matters, blogs that you are interested in and it will pull them all together in a round up for you. So all you have to is scan through them, inform others of your insights,  share your knowledge and form your authority status. Using GOOGLE ALERTS is also fab as well.

4. Online storage. If you have created tonnes of documents and have been actively building your business on the go, then you need an online storage system, not to mention the peace of mind of having a back up systems. If you are storing data from clients in Europe you also want to check your chosen storage system is GDPR compliant.

We love using GOOGLE DOCS and DROPBOX BUSINESS which are both great online cloud storage systems.

5. So you want topnotch branding but let’s face you are no graphic designer!!! The perfect tool crying out to you right now is CANVA. It is a must as you can oh so quickly create those beautiful graphics that will have you standing out in the crowd easily.

6. Part of your ongoing and successful lead generation strategy is speaking with clients/partners on a regular basis. However, the time it takes to come up with a mutually convenient time can be painful. Having a scheduler in place saves A LOT of unnecessary back and forth time and totally eliminates this. We use ACUITY SCHEDULER however CALENDLY SCHEDULER is also fab.

7. Both of us come from a project management background, so we can emphasis how important it is to have systems in place to ensure progress and the smooth running of your business. Project management tools will ensure you are not always reinventing the wheel unnecessarily. We use ASANA as our business hub tool and love it is free and easy to use. As your team grows, you can also assign worksteams to them. TRELLO is also great and helps you track your progress when it comes to undertaking bigger projects.

8. So you have your funnels in place and are using multiple programmes now. Ever wondered if there was a way to get them all talking each other so that they can seamlessly work? ZAPIER is fab to do this.

9. Videos are great to really re-inforce your content messaging and have you standing out. The great thing is that you do not need a video editing or media degree or tonnes of time on your side to create an eye-catching video these days.  RIPPL is fab and LUME5 is great for pulling together key points in any blogs post in video form.

10.  So you want to share your products to the world in an automated way where you can save time repeating yourself over and over again and ultimately find a way that will enable you to make sales in your sleep, then landing pages are a fab tool to do this. We personally use LEADPAGES however ONTRAPAGES is a great free version and just as effective.

11.  we always say the best time saver for entrepreneurs is to concentrate on what you do best and outsource the rest. not easy to always do but WILL free your time up massively.  We recommend using FIVVER or  UPWORK which are home to really experienced, great and affordable freelancers all looking for short to long term projects.

12.  Want to track your hours  your doing for clients or just be on top how how productive you are being? then TOGGL is a fab resource.

13. Having a CRM (customer relationship system) is so beneficial to help your form and nurture those all important relationships. When building a scalable business, you need to be able to communicate with your customers in mass to let then know what you are up to or provide value which is great. So whilst the open rate for email has decreased (typical industry standard 30%) it’s important to still have your own its part of your businesses intellectual property. We use AWEBER within our business however Mail chip, Active Campaign and Get Response are also other options.

14. Want to know what your ideal clients are searching for on the web so you can start creating content that solves their problems and alleviates their frustrations? then GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER is great tool.

15. Want high quality images but have no time to take lots of photographs or the funds to stock up, then use these free stock sites PIXABAY  and UNSPLASH

16. Sound familiar – got lots of programmes, lots of systems but no room left in the brain to remember all your passwords then LASTPASS is just amazing.  VAS is another great one to keep all your password secure

17. Got content to create and on the go but conscious you want to remain ultra-productive then the SPEECHTOTEXT APP is great. Mind you it is not always as accurate but you can edit it the next time you are at your desktop or laptop.

18. Sometimes, staying on task seems can be a real challenge – don’t we know it. The BE FOCUSED app lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It’s a surprisingly effective way to retain motivation and focus and helps you feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

19. Creating Connections is so important as you grow your business which is why one of our 4 part frameworks for success principles is based on this (Principle #3 – Building strategic relationships).  A great tool to help you seek out your ideal audience on Facebook and LinkedIn is the CHROME EXTENSION INTELLIGENCE.

20. Need a bit of help with crafting your headlines? then the HEADLINE ANALYZER tool can and will save you a lot of time and help you craft amazing headlines. Just try it!

We have come to the end of this article and we hope you found it useful.

So whilst it maybe easy to subscribe to the tools and platforms that we have mentioned,the real time saver magic comes from the consistent use and implementation and creating new habits.

If you need a reclaim your time session,  then book in a free 30 minute consultation with to see how we can help you reclaim your time back HERE

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