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Your 9 – 5 Exit Plan Guided Workbook

Clients often share with us the pains of their current situation in a job that does not motivate them feeling like THE LIFE IS BEING SUCKED out of them daily.

For many of our clients they have decided the ultimate aim is to leave their job so they can build their business full time. The choice is a scary one that can leave you sweating on the palms of your hands.

Being able to have the freedom to finically provide with a profitable business is the ultimate aim without the uncertainty of winging it and hoping for the best!

Going from security to freedom is an exciting prospect but leaves a lot of uncertainty and unease. Understanding this we created simple roadmap to get you from A to B on your desired route: From Employee to Self-Employed Entrepreneur.

Having a clear focused plan is a great way to help you feel more at ease, which is why we have created this extremely useful workbook to ensure you have given thought to key aspects of your exit plan. The book carefully considers our 4-part framework success and works you step by step through the key aspects to consider as you map out and conclude your exit plan.


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