Sunday, August 19, 2018

I’m Looking for a Few More of my Dream Clients

Which One Best Describes You?

  • You have a business idea but no idea of where to start
  • You have launched a business but it is not really working for you
  • You have been running a business for a while and are now looking to grow it.
  • You want to build a full time income consistently so you can quit your job and run your business this full time

Why “Evolution Of An Entrepreneur 90 Day Transformational Coaching Programme” Is Without A Doubt:

The Best Programme You Will Find Out There That Will Help You Build A Successful Business Without Being There 100% Of The Time

Here’s more about our programme and, this is how it will work:

#1 You will learn in-depth  a simple 4-step plan that uses our proven key principle framework for business success to help you build a business alongside your job, family or other commitments

# 2 You will also learn how to develop and implement a successful working business model structure that nails “your secret sauce”

#3 And there’s even more cool features that you will learn such as:

  1. A set of techniques to consistently motivate you and help remove those obstacles and blocks you may face
  2. Tools and systems to maximise small pockets of time
  3. Understanding your customer avatar and know where to find your ideal clients
  4. How to effectively grow your business around other commitments
  5. How to grow meaningful relationships to enhance your business
  6. Planning your exit from your 9 – 5 to ease anxiety when the time come from the big leap

“Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could hand in your notice to your employer, fully confident knowing that you have built a business that can fully support the lifestyle that you desire?”

Firstly, we want you to imagine…

“Every day waking up knowing  that you working towards supporting your own dreams and goals and not somebody else’s.….”

“Attracting your ideal clients who love your product/ service as much as you do.”

“Receiving constant paypal or booking notifications from your ideal client.”

“But there’s just one problem”

“According to Forbes, 8 out 10 businesses that start up will fail within their first 5 years of business.”  That is the shocking reality

Scared you will be one of the 8 out of 10?  “You are not alone. Most start up business struggle to make consistent income in their business.…

We used to be like you trying to juggle a full time demanding jobs alongside our other commitments such as our family, whilst trying to build our business together.

We had a idea and a plan which we thought was a good plan but it just was not working for us….we were putting in the hard work but the money was not reflecting our hard effort

We launched, got clients but what we were building would not be sustainable as we were inconsistent and did not have the right systems in place.

You’ve probably got a sound idea and possibly a good plan but somehow your business is still not working for you.

You have probably asked yourself: “Why isn’t my business bringing in enough money so that I can leave my job ?”

Most entrepreneurs start out thinking that they have a sound idea and a good plan that will work. They are desperate to leave their job and have a strong desire to run with their business idea and make it work but their plan is not the right plan for them. You might be making the same mistakes too!

  • They have no real exit plan in place to leave their full or part time employment
  • They have no idea how to get their business fully systemised to the point where their businesses is not consuming all of their time.
  • They are really passionate about their business but it’s not making any money due to lack or limited time with a full time job and family, lack of knowledge so It feels just like another hobby.

What’s even worse is that they feel boxed in, unable to be their true selves and alone.

They have doubts that people will not buy into them let alone purchase a product or service

They feel like an imposter as they have limited credibility

“You are just ONE step away from developing the right bespoke business model that will help you meet your monthly income goals and create a business that actually works and has the potential to grow. A business you will feel fully confident with.”

Just ask Serena Nwokoye Founder of Detangled Hair

A Few Words of Warning!

First Thing To Remember

To Succeed In Business You Need to Continually Invest in Yourself

We don’t accept monkeys…or anyone who’s not serious or willing to put their money where their mouth is. Don’t apply if you do no understand that it takes money to join our programme. We know you’ll make a lot more, but don’t think this is free….or even cheap!

Second Thing To Remember

Are you willing to be coachable?

If you aren’t coachable, then we don’t want you…PERIOD

Third Thing To Remember

Never Give Up When The Going Gets Tough As It Will Get Tough

If you forget this than you might as well have forgotten everything we have told you so far. So make sure you don’t forget this or else you would have wasted all of your time so far…and that would be just too bad.

If THIS is YOU Then You’ve Come To The Right Place.
There’s Nothing Left to Do But Apply!

We are going to take you from a place where you may have once been struggling to make money or felt so overwhelmed to even find the time to give your business the attention that it deserves to a place where you can find confidence and clarity in your business knowing that your business will work and can grow, whilst also developing meaningful business connections with other  entrepreneurs in our community.