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Transformational Programme

Are you an in employment, wanting to build a business that actually works and makes money for you, however your currently up against juggling  the unfulfillment of your full time job alongside the overwhelm of the commitments in your life?

Now you can learn exactly what it takes to build a profitable business that actually works and has the potential to grow in just 12 weeks …even around limited amount of time you may have in your life.

Learn our step-by-step blue-print system for building a successful profitable business that will attract your desired customers to you, who will love your business as much as you do…even if you are just getting started with an idea.

Which One Best Describes You?

  • You have a business idea but no idea of where to start
  • You have launched a business but it is not really working for you
  • You have been running a business for a while and are now looking to grow it.
  • You want to build a full time income consistently so you can quit your job and run your business this full time

“Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could hand in your notice to your employer, fully confident knowing that you have built a business that can fully support the lifestyle that you desire?


“Every day waking up knowing  that you working towards supporting your dreams and goals and not somebody else’s.….”

“Attracting your ideal clients who love your product/ service as much as you do.”

“But there’s just one problem”

“According to Forbes, 8 out 10 businesses that start up will fail within their first 5 years of business.”  That is the shocking reality

Scared you will be one of the 8 out of 10?  “You are not alone. Most start up business struggle to make consistent income in their business.… 

“We used to be like you trying to juggle a full time demanding jobs alongside our other commitments such as our family, whilst trying to build our business together .”

“We had a idea and a plan which we thought was a good plan but it just was not working for us….we were putting in the hard work but the money was not reflecting our hard effort”

“We launched, got clients but what we were building would not be sustainable as we were inconsistent and did not have the right systems in place.

“You’ve probably got a sound idea and possibly a good plan but somehow your business is still not working for you.”

“Why isn’t your business bringing in enough money so that you can leave your job ?”

“Most entrepreneurs start out thinking that they have a sound idea and a good plan that will work. They are desperate to leave their job and have a strong desire to run with their business idea and make it work but their plan is not the right plan for them. You might be making the same mistakes too!”

  • They have no real exit plan in place to leave their full or part time employment
  • They have no idea how to get their business fully systemized to the point where their businesses is not consuming all of their time.
  • They are really passionate about their business but it’s not making any money due to lack or limited time with a full time job and family, lack of knowledge so It feels just like another hobby.

“What’s even worse is that they feel boxed in, unable to be their true selves and alone ”

  • Have doubts that people will not buy into them let alone purchase a product or service
  • Feel like an imposter as they have limited credibility

 “You are just ONE step away from developing the right bespoke business model that will help you meet your monthly income goals and create a business that actually works and has the potential to grow. A business you will feel fully confident with.”

“What you need is our developed 4 key principles for success framework. With our proven blue-print system, you will not only develop the right bespoke business model, you will also learn how to develop long lasting business connections to strategically grow your business in synergy with other like-minded entrepreneurs.”

  • “You can be part of the 2 out of 10 business who actually succeed in business and will have a business that stills works for them five years down the line.
  • “You can finally leave your part or full-time employment to dedicate your time into doing something that you love – your business.
  • “You can look forward to a life where you can spend more time with your loved ones, knowing that you are growing a business that will help you meet your financial commitments and reward you with more time to spend with them.”

“Let me tell you a short story…”

 “A few years ago, we were both exactly where you are right now….”

Just like many of you reading this now probably are going through – we were struggling with time management; juggling a full-time demanding job whilst building a business around it and tending to family at the same time.

We were getting more and more frustrated as things were not moving fast enough for us and we were both mentally and physically drained, falling deeper into debt as we were behind with our monthly bills. To top it off, we just felt lost, confused and slightly stupid for not having the knowledge or the key influencers in our circle to make our business model work.

This kept building up to the point that soon the ground fell out from underneath us and we thought our business was ruined in 2014. We had been commissioned to host a large outdoor family event with an expected attendance of over 1500 people. The event had so many moving parts including an outdoor cinema entertainment which was such a popular feature that it sold out in days after advertising it.

We had not planned the logistics of the event properly and had not factored in the set up time to get everything up and ready on the day of the event as we were still running around trying to finalise last minute issues. We had no time to test the outdoor cinema and all the equipment and were just relying on hope and luck. Needless to say, on the afternoon of the event we had a large tent full of paying families and queues of guests ready and waiting but had no entertainment as technology got the better of us and had decided to take revenge on us that day.

Our hearts sank as we desperately tried to seek out a quick-fire contingency plan but there just was not any time and it came to the point where we had to make the decision to refund each and every guest that had purchased their ticket. It wasn’t only the fact that we had to refund all those guests but it was seeing all the disappointed faces of the adults and their children that had come out to spend the afternoon soaking up some sun and enjoying the entertainment of an outdoor cinema.

Refunding all those guests left a deep hole in our pocket and we still had to pay our staff members for the day.

So we had to dig deep into our own pockets to make sure that we honoured all the staffing costs that we had agreed to pay our staff for their time helping to assist and support in the large event.

As you can imagine, we were in bad shape and desperate. However, we were not ready to give up on our dream. Oh no –this was our calling and every business person goes through a bad patch right? We were passionate about running our venture together and which combined our strengths, skills and could be delivered on a large scale. Like you, we also constantly dreamed about living out a lifestyle with options so that we could provide and have fun with our family and friends.

That’s when we had our EUREKA moment. We discovered that business really is about failing forward but more importantly picking yourself up quickly and learning from the experiences when you do fail in a task or a project doesn’t quite go as planned.

We also discovered unveiled the importance of having a mentor in business who believes in you even when you do not believe in yourself to keep you going. All the great entrepreneurs and business people invest in mentors and it is for that very reason. When you think you have hit rock bottom – you need someone there to guide and pick you right back up.

Going against the grain is not easy by a long shot but you started your business because you were passionate about it and felt it was your calling so giving up should not be an option.

At that point, everything changed for us!

We finally figured out how to:

  • Surround ourselves with the right people who had the knowledge to make our business actually work
  • Have a business mainly online with a scalable model that could solve problems worldwide, have a bigger reach and make a bigger impact
  • Have a business that would work by actually generating income within the small pockets of time that we had available AND would work for us not the other way around

Now, we have distilled all that knowledge into a system you can use.

 “Introducing our Evolution of an Entrepreneur transformation programme: a simple 4-step plan that uses our proven key principle framework for business success to help you build a business alongside their job, family or other commitments.

Taking you from a place where you were once struggling to make money and felt so overwhelmed to even find the time to give your business the attention it deserves to a place where you can find confidence and clarity with your business knowing that  your business will work and can grow,   whilst also developing meaningful business connections  with other  entrepreneurs in our community .

Evolution of an entrepreneur – 12 week online group transformational programme

Elements of the course:

  1. a) Laying the Right Foundations – (How to ensure your business is set up for long term success even if you are only present part time)
  2. b) Building a scalable business – (How to get your business ready for growth without having a business the size of a blue chip company)
  3. c) Growing strategic relationships – (How to build long lasting business relationships without having to attend numerous networking events)
  4. d) Developing your entrepreneurship – (How to be ready for business ready without years of experience)
  1. a) Laying the Right Foundations – (How to ensure your business is set up for long term success even if you are only present part time)

Module 1: Setting up your business success toolbox – Wealth mindset/Success habits /Goals

Module  2: Lay the right foundations, defining your roadmap for success

Module 3: Mastering time management to maximise efficiency in your business

  1. b) Building a scalable business – (How to get your business ready for growth without having a business the size of a blue chip company)

Module 4:  Implementing the right systems/Build a scalable business

Module 5: Understanding your customer experience/ branding

Module 6: Attracting and converting your dream clients

Module 7: Implementing the right marketing plan

Module 8: Understanding the financial implications for your business

  1. c) Growing strategic relationships – (How to build long lasting business relationships without having to attend numerous networking events)

Module 9: Sharing your business with confidence

Module 10: Build strategic relationships/ art of networks

  1. d) Developing your entrepreneurship – (How to be ready for business ready without years of experience)

Module 11: Develop your entrepreneurship & mastering entrepreneur self-care

Module 12: Understanding/implementing outsourcing/Developing an ongoing game plan for growth

Here’s what our past students are saying…”

Join our 12-week Evolution of an Entrepreneur Group Coaching programme

 “You’re probably asking, “is this for me?”

Testimonial- Claudia Webb – Very useful sessions in discovering and identifying the niche I am aiming for. Building a purposeful entity and thinking about future growth. The sessions were such a good way to focus and move forward from ideas to taking action.

Testimonial- Serena Nwokoye – A big thank you to Grace and Charlotte for the support that they have given with my business development so far. They have helped me to really pinpoint what I need to do in the initial stages and beyond to make my business a success, which in turn has really boosted my confidence. As well as being professional they have both been very relatable which has put me at great ease during each of our meetings. Although I know I have a lot of hard work ahead with Detangled hair I am extremely excited about the journey due to the coaching I have had from Grace and Charlotte.

Who is this programme for?

This is for those who are ready to up level their business and this not for those who want a past time

I have a busy schedule. Can this fit in?- This is an online programme and can be accessed at the best time of the day to suit you and work around your schedule

Can I afford this?  Can you afford to be in the same position in 5 years time 

[Programs schedule & details]

We will provide you with:

Weekly online module training and group calls ( Value £1800 $2293,93)

Fortnightly 60 minute 1:1 calls (value £900 $1146,96)

Weekly Office Hour check-ins

Workbooks, worksheets and templates


Initial half day workshop to kick start the programme either online or in person (Value £400 $509,76 )

Invitation to a special end of programme group dinner

3 months free access to our online Skills Swap Forum, following programme completion to join other like-minded entrepreneurs. (value £59.97 $76,46)

[Iron clad guarantee]

“This program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee…”

“And you are 100% safe to try this out. That’s all we are suggesting. Just try it for 30 days to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen…”

[FAQ] “Got more questions? I’ve got answers…”

Will you offer this program again?

Our group coaching programme is a roll on roll off programme, however we only ever have a maximum of 10 clients on the programme at any one time to ensure ample time is given to move all our clients forward in their business

Will I be working with you 1-on-1?

You will be part of a group coaching programme but will have access to speak to us on a 1:1 basis fortnightly about your individual situation and use it as an opportunity to ask us any questions or gain clarity on any of the items explored in the programme.

I’m already in a similar course. Should I do this too?

We feel it is best to weigh up the learning outcomes between both programmes as we appreciate that you may not afford the time to complete both programmes or give both your full attention. We would of course love you to join our course but you need to decide what is best and if you will learn more from one programme over the other. Then you can make the decision.

You will learn the following:

  1. The structure of a good working business model
  2. Log and track your progress
  3. Set of techniques to motivate themselves
  4. Set of techniques to remove obstacles
  5. Tools and system to maximise small of pockets of time
  6. Understanding their customer avatar
  7. Knowing where to find ideal clients
  8. Understand the user experience
  9. How to grow a business around other commitments
  10. How to grow meaningful relationships to enhance your business
  11. How to plan your exit from your 9 – 5 to ease anxiety when the time come from the big leap

What we provide:

  1. Accountability to implement: (will be grouped with partners to stay accountable) plus from Grace and Charlotte
  2. Expert advice from US industry experts
  3. Teachings from our 4 part framework for success model
  4. Business development
  5. Time management hacks
  6. Web design knowledge incorporating the user guidance
  7. Mindset development
  8. Branding
  9. Access to our networks and the Connector community

Total value: £3,159.97 $4027,12

Your investment today: £2000 $2548,81

Limited space available on this cohort.

Lock in price of 20% required to access this programme TODAY. Reductions available for full payments.

 “This is your chance to ensure that you start on the right foot as you step onto the entrepreneurial ladder.

“We are really looking forward to helping you gain clarity and confidence in building your business, adopting the right tools to ensure that you can create a profitable model that will continuously attract clients to you who will fall in love with your product or service. You will also learn how to work smarter and not harder so that you strike that all-important balance in your life around you full-time employment, family and other commitments. 

Get in touch with us directly or fill out the contact form if you have any questions or queries about the programme or would like to discuss payment plan options.

P.S. [contact me if you have any questions]

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