Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Our mission is to help ambitious people successfully transition from employee to entrepreneurship status and beyond by assisting them in creating sustainable future businesses on a scaleable level through empowerment, upskilling and a supportive community.

We have specially designed an exclusive programme for our “Connector” members entitled “The Evolution of an Entrepreneur: Shifting from Part time to Full Time”. Our adopted holistic approach highlights all the challenges that come along with making the all important shift from employee to entrepreneur, identifies ways to tackle skillset and mindset as well as  granting access to our growing supportive networks where they can #ConnectCreateCollaborate with a great community.

If you would like us to deliver a workshop, speak at an event or take part in our signature program me ‘The evolution of an entrepreneur then please get in touch at

We also offer bespoke events management service and offer a free consultation.

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